My worst enemy: Limescale

After moving to Southampton I have noticed that the water contains a lot of limescale (hard water) which affects my hair and skin so badly. My hair looks like a birds nest, dry and impossible to brush after every wash. My first thought was to find a solution to my problem so I started googling “limescale ruining hair”. I found some tips how to cleanse my hair, but that wasn’t good enough since I was looking for a more permanent solution. I like to think I have good researching skills and therefore I never give up when there is something I need to know.

Solution 1: Buy a shower head that has a water filter.
Solution 2: Find some kind of anti-limescale shampoo and conditioner.

Since I live at Unilife i cannot change my shower head so the best solution for me was to find an anti-limescale shampoo and conditioner.

After several google searches I finally found what I was looking for:


Source: MondeBio

So now you now in case you’re having the same problem as me. In norwegian: Da jeg først ankom i Southampton og landlorden fortalte at det kunne være vanskelig å vaske kjøkkenet på grunn av limescale stod jeg der som et spørsmålstegn. Så for dere andre som lurer på det samme så betyr det kalk på norsk. Lenge leve google translate!

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Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

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