One day I am going to wake up, roll over on my side, and kiss the love of my life good morning.


Good morning!

So.. I’ve been quite busy this weekend and the last couple of days. Since I never sleep I have the advantage of not remembering what I have been doing over the weekend or what I posted last.

Doesn’t matter. Friday I was at a pre-party with a lot of people from school. I had a good time even though I blew up my dinner in the microwave before I left and it kind of affected me for the rest of the evening. You should all know by know that Joey doesn’t share food.

Saturday I I woke up and realized I was out of toilet paper. I couldn’t be bothered to go across the street to get some so I went back to bed. A couple of hours later I had breakfast/lunch/dinner at Bella Italia with Ellen, Anna and Sara. Gluten free italian pizza with chicken and spinach.. yes I ate the whole thing! Don’t worry.. I bought some toilet paper and cans of coke on my way home and had my traditional “taco night” with Kristina.

I have no idea what I did sunday except ordering pizza from Dominos because I was lazy and saw the strangest film called “Dare”.

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about school. Yesterday I was researching ideas for my Major Project, trying to find a location and so on and today I’ve started to write my assignment for Fashion Analytics. Brief: Choose a photographic image and analyse it using Barthesian Theory. Analyse the visual semiotics of your image with reference to “The Photographic Message” and “The Rhetoric of the Message”, both chapters in Image, Music, Text by Roland Barthes.

Heavy? Right. Don’t worry, I’m good at mixing it up and having a bit of fun on the side. Yesterday Ellen and I had a craving for sushi so we decided to get some and today we’ve been shopping makeup and accessories for our Halloween costumes. I also wrote for six hours last night and I’m not even half way there yet since the references from Barthes book aren’t supposed to be included in our word count.

We’ll see it how it goes.. now I have to get back to my writing.

When you want to hit karma in the face..with a chair:

1. Yesterday I defrosted some chicken for ten seconds and it literally caught fire. There were flames and everything! That oven really hates me.. *evileyes*

2. I put a can of coke in the freezer and went to get it after 5 minutes only to realize it has exploded all over the place.

3. Brought my mac to school today and it wouldn’t connect to the internet. The preferences told me I was connected, but for some reason I was being blocked and couldn’t open any pages in Safari. I had to ask for help at the IT help desk and felt a bit stupid when the “expert” told me I was blocked because I had changed the DNS servers to be able to use the Netflix US version.

4. Went to the laundry room yesterday and put my clothes into the washing machine. I then chose what program I wanted and put my money in the machine. A green light came on at the washing machine started. I turned towards the door and suddenly hear a loud beeping sound. I turned around and in addition to the beeping sound I saw the letters dE blinking in red on the display. I tried to open the washing machine door but it was stuck so I had to call the customer service and explain what had happened.

My bad luck/insomnia symptoms/absent-minded personality continuous…

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