Female stereotypes


For my Major Project with Photography I am making a series of 8-12 photographs, and writing a 2000 word essay about stereotypes, restricted to the level of one specific stereotype, the “girly girl”. I will also be focusing and analysing the fact that the strong and independant woman, which according to todays stereotypes cannot be strong, independant, smart and successfull unless she is cold-hearted and acts like a man. Have we watched to many Disney films as children where the female figures are captured as vulnerable young woman, who are dependant on male figures for strength and survival, and not their own sense of empowernment? I would categorize myself as a girly girl, but I have always been strong-willed, expressed my own opinions, followed my dreams and considered myself as a smart independant woman that won’t let other people treat me badly just because they “judge the book by it’s cover”. Just because I’m in contact with my femininty and I like to look good doesn’t mean I’m automatically shallow, arrogant or weak. I’m not saying that everyone has these assumptions, but I think this is a very interesting subject and I’m actually really looking forward to doing more research and writing my essay about it. Most of all I am very excited and inspired to do my photoshoot and I think that will shine through when looking at the final product.

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Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

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