Cat Eyes

gla gla2

I love sunny days! I’ve actually been looking for cat eye sunglasses for a while, but they had to be narrow so they would fit my face. I bought mine from ebay and I think they are 14cm wide. The glasses aren’t the best quality, but they look good!

My timetable for this week says I have the same lectures I had last semester, so today I supposily have one in Digital Photography. I’m not really sure if there actually is a lecture, but thought I’d check it out since I have booked a feedback tutorial with my tutor in Fashion Analytics for today anyway. Our second semester timetable starts next week and I’m looking forward to getting started. Later tonight I have a sushi and wine date with Sara, and tomorrow I am acting in a film the film students are making so that should be interesting! I used to study drama in college, but it’s going to be strange seeing myself on film and actually hearing my voice.

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Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

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