NEW IN: ASOS Boxy Lock Bag

bag1 bag2

Find it here.

I absolutely love my new bag! It’s definitely a new favourite and since I never had the money to buy the Mulberry Lily bag in a similar colour last year this is the closest I’ll get for now.

I had the most amazing dinner at Sara’s lagt night, cod with broccoli puree and vegetables. We saw two films, The uninvited and Warrior. The Uninvited was an okay horror movie, but kind of lame. Warrior had a really good to story to is so I recommend everyone to see it.

Today I’ve just been cleaning my studio room. Hoovering up, washing the bathroom, kitchen and doing some laundry. It’s frustrating how much dust there is in such a small space, but it’s impossible to keep it dust-free no matter how much I clean. Now I have to go the shop to buy some cans of coke and dinner. Later on I should be reading my research material, but I keep postponing it so we’ll se what happens. I feel quite gutted because I was supposed to meet with one of the models for my Major Project for a test shoot today, but she never showed up so I almost feel like I was left at the altar.

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Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

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