I’m a writer; I’m pushy, inconsiderate and I don’t respect boundaries.


This week has actually been a bad week for me. I’ve been really tired, emotional and literally drained. Today I feel much better, which I appreciate. Kristina and I went to Ikea earlier so that I could buy a shower shelf with suction cups for my shower. It’s very tiny so I can’t stand having all my hair products standing on the floor in the shower anymore. In addition to the small space in my shower I can’t screw anything into the walls in my studio because I’m only living here until June and I’m not allowed to permanently attach anything to the walls.

Everytime I go to Ikea I always end up buying several more products than expected in the first place. They always have so many pretty interior accessories, so I ended up buying some cute floral napkins, matching table mats, a frame and a couple of candles. Now I’ve just had a late lunch while watching Revenge and later on I’m having tacos with Kristina. Tim arrives in Southampton at 10:40pm, and I can’t wait to see him! :-)

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Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

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