My worst enemy is my memory.


Lovely weather today! I am back in Southampton after spending the weekend in London with Tim. It was a hectic weekend with good food and lots of fun.

I have been spending the day today outside in the sun and shopping for a 17th of May outfit. I obviously don’t have my national bunad here in England so had to find something else to wear to show off my Norwegian national colours. When taking into consideration the shopaholic we all know I am, it was hard to not go overboard this time. I ended up buying two dresses, one knitted cardigan, a blazer and a couple of basic tops. It made me think: Do i need this? No. But I bought it anyway.

I will be celebrating the 200th anniversary for the Norwegian Constitution day in London at Southwark Park on saturday and I think it’s the first time I have ever experienced 20 degrees on the 17th of May! Maybe it’s for the best that I won’t be able to wear my bunad after all.. phew!

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Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

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