Flawless French Manicure


You need the “Elegant touch flawless french manicure” kit with short length tip or any other similar product and a nail file. (Til mine norske lesere så vet jeg ikke om et tilsvarende produkt her i Norge, men dere kan kjøpe et fransk manikyr kit på H&M, da får dere med hvite klistertupper.)


I think I got my flawless french manicure kit at Superdrug in Southampton. You can also get it from feelunique.com here. The kit contains glue for the french tips, a base coat and top seal.

I am such an amateur when it comes to applying a french manicure, but this kit is very easy to use!

1. Apply the base coat to your natural nails.

2. Apply the glue to the french manicure tips and apply them to the top of your nail. Hold for a couple of seconds and clip remove as explained in the instructions.

3. Apply the top seal and shape your tip with a nail file for an even result.


Such a simple and beautiful french manicure, even for short nails. Love it.

Posted by

Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

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