Hair Trends


The granny hair has been said to be “The greatest hair trend in 2015”. One of the girls I work with just toned her hair gray, and it looks amazing on her, but I’m not sure if everyone could pull it off. Also, I think there’s a great range of different silver/grey toners, and even though grey hair wouldn’t be natural for young girls I think it looks best when it looks as natural as possible.


Some people may say that dying or toning your hair in a crazy colour is unflattering, but I disagree. I think as long as the colour is subtle or matches your personal style that it may look good on a variety of people.

Wella Instamatic is a new range of toners developed by Wella Color Touch. The colours are mainly pastel colours, but you can achieve an even greater colour depth by leaving the toner in for 20 minutes instead of 10. Below is a colour chart of Wella’s Instamatic range. The chart also shows you what colour effect you will achieve when leaving it in for 10 or 20 minutes. For the so called greatest hair trends of all this year (granny hair) you can mix the smokey amethyst with ocean storm to achieve the perfect granny hair.


Personally, I would like to mix Smokey Amethyst with Muted Mauve to create the perfect subtle ash mauve colour to my pre highlighted hair. To do that I would have to order Wella Instamatic by Color Touch from Ebay, just because it can’t be purchased in Norway. Maybe I’ll have to give it a go!

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Marita-Lynn McNeil (27)

2 thoughts on “Hair Trends

  1. I love all of the Wella Colour Touch Instamatic colours. :)
    they look so smooth and dusty and especially muted mauve and smokey
    amethyst are definetely soon to be tried out by me.
    Thanks for your mixing advises. Liked your post a lot.

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